Benjamin Chadwick


Games are a great way to practise code. I've been writing these in ES2015 and using Babel (with Grunt and Browserify) to transpile them to ES5.

These should all work in IE9+ and all other modern desktop browsers.


It works just like the classic game on the old Nokia phones. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the snake. Eat as many flowers and occasional bugs as you can without eating your own tail. When you reach a side you wrap around to the other side.

Conway's Game of Life

This isn't really a game in the classic sense, but as the name has 'game' in the title, I can include it! Many thanks to Marijn Haverbeke, whose wonderful book Eloquent JavaScript (re-)introduced me to the Game of Life. The HTML (a single div tag and a button) was provided in the book along with a description of the rules of the game. He has stated that all code in the book is under an MIT License.

Start by creating a starting configuration by clicking on the checkboxes. Each time you click "next generation", a new turn begins. For information about the rules of the game, try the above link.